The Green New Deal isn’t a dream,


The American People need to wake up and stop before the Green Nightmare ever becomes a reality. It’s economic Armageddon, plain and simple.


The Green New Deal is nothing more than the latest job-killing, socialist wish list from the radical left obsessed with climate change, Medicare-For-All, free college, and a total redistribution of wealth. It would eliminate or transform nearly every job across nearly every sector of the U.S. economy including the military. The American People should be alarmed to know that extreme liberal socialist Democrats are out to destroy the ‘American Dream.’

Below includes some of the most egregious provisions of the Green New Deal:

The Green New Deal will cost at least $93 trillion, create socialism, and confiscate Americans’ savings and redistribute it to favored liberal groups.

  • Over one million fossil fuel workers will lose their jobs. Every other job in America is also at risk.
  • Over ten years, the Green New Deal would transform the U.S. economy from the global leader to the laughingstock of the international community by killing free enterprise.
  • The Green New Deal claims it will provide “free” higher education to all the people of the United States. Every American will pay for the trillions in spending.

The Green New Deal would create new regulations called “energy efficiency standards” that will kill competition in international business and drive American jobs overseas.

  • The Green New Deal would trample on the intellectual property, patents, and copyrights of American business by promoting the exchange of technology, expertise, products, and funding to other countries in order to help them achieve a Green New Deal.
  • The Green New Deal requires upgrading all existing buildings and building new buildings with green efficiencies. This means tearing down and rebuilding office buildings, disrupting work and even retro-fitting American homes that could cost individuals and families from $20,000 to $100,000 (or more) in expenses required to meet these new government mandates.
  • The Green New Deal would also force all Americans to join a union by abolishing Right to Work protections.

The Green New Deal would weaken our national security and military. Without fossil fuels – oil and gasoline – jets won’t fly, tanks won’t roll, and ships won’t sail.

The Green New Deal is economic Armageddon. 

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